Monday, March 19, 2012

21 Weeks

How Far Along? 21 weeks, 4 days....130 to go!

Size of my Angel? 10.5 inches....size of a banana

Maternity Clothes? All

Weight Gain? Still not weighing myself, but when I had my scare last week and had gone to doctor I had not gained anymore.

Stretch Marks? None thank you Lord, lathering oil and cream one to two times per day...Praying that they'll stay away

Gender? Sweet baby GIRL.... Millie Ladell

Sleep? Still not sleeping good, up having to go to the bathroom all the time and having bad acid reflux

Food Cravings? fruit, chocolate and grape slushes

What I Miss Most? sleeping well

Symptoms? None, too early, last weeks scare was bad enough to last me the next 19 weeks.

Belly Button? In and praying that it stays but sometimes I'm not sure it will

Best Moment of the Week? Last night my Dad and Mom both felt her move, you should have seen my Dad's face it was priceless.... Working on the relationship with my ex, it's a work in progress, but I've turned it over to God and praying he has a change of heart.

21 weeks, 4 days

(it's not the best picture to show the bump, but you can see it) Hard taking a picture of yourself

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