Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Love 19 weeks & Gender Reveal

Okay so here is week 19 and gender reveal!!! (and pictures too)
**I have no clue why I can't get all the fonts to match up today, ugh annoying!!!

*How far along?: 19 weeks, 4 days--about 144 to go!!
*How big is your baby? a heirloom tomato--6 inches long!
*Total weight gain?: Stressing really hard over this, I gained 9 lbs since last dr appoint, they said at least 4 was all the water they made me drink before the ultrasound which made me feel a little better but I did cut m calories back from what he originally wanted me to eat (1800 cals) b/c I am trying really hard. I am weight obsessed and everyone knows that so this gaining weight is really hard for me.
*Sex: It's a GIRL!!!!! Millie Ladell (Ladell is a family middle name, it's my middle name and while I've always hated it, it's family and it's been going on for like 6 generations so why stop now).
*Maternity clothes: all maternity pants, mostly maternity tops just because I can't afford to buy so many different sizes.
*Stretch marks: No...I am rubbing lotion and oil on morning and night.
*Sleep: I'm a stomach sleeper, so this having to sleep on my back or side is killing me. I did buy a pregnancy pillow, but I've already worn a spot in the middle of it. lol
*Best moment this week: Not feeling sick at all. I was still getting sick until like the last two or so weeks, then still occasionally but it seems to be passing.
*Movement: Little flutters here and there.
*Food cravings: turkey, fruit, fruit, milk (even though I've had a hard time drinking it while pregnant and I love me some milk!!
*Labor signs: Too early
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: being able to wear my clothes and not feeling fat
*What I'm looking forward to: see my precious baby girl!!

AND NOW for the pictures!!!!!

Gender Reveal Cake:'

Millie's Foot:

The Belly Shot- I just updated this on my work computer, wow it looks like she's there more than I thought.


  1. Congrats!!! I love the name Millie!

  2. Congrats girlie -- what a blessing and I adore the name!!!!