Thursday, March 22, 2012

So much to do, So little time

Man, the pending birth of my daughter is coming up fast. I can't believe she'll be here in roughly 19 weeks!!! I had someone ask me Monday if I was pregnant, yeah, it's getting pretty obvious. lol

The worst thing EVER though since being pregnant, besides the awful morning sickness that lasted so long is people talking to you and putting their had on your belly. Like really? Please don't touch....I'm a closed off person anyways and I have to have my "box" personal space, I hate shaking peoples hands, etc. Yes, my name is Meredith and I am a sever germ a-fob. I can't even fathom after Millie gets here and people wanting to touch or hold her, it's going to be hard b/c I don't want to be rude, but then again I don't want you really touching my baby either.

My mind is racing with so many things that I need to do from: refinishing her crib, to getting all her things together and in order, I have so many clothes but yet have not made an attempt to organize them in the closet yet, it's so overwhelming. I can't wait to do so, but I'm so tired when I get off work sometimes I just go walk, eat and then a little tv before I'm passed out (usually around 9 p.m.) Can we say old!!! hahaha

I'm trying to be patient with her Father, but he wears me thin when he acts like a kid himself, I can't handle two babies!!! Everytime I think he's making progress, he lets me down. It's not so much for me I care, but for her, she's my world and she deserves you 1. either being the BEST Father you can be or 2. You taking a hike!! We'll see as it plays out, don't get me wrong, I love her Father, probably always well in some way b/c he gave me her, but really, I can't handle two kids!!!

Let's get a little soap box here shall we. I can't STAND people who call themselves Christians, read my blog or hear I'm pregnant and when clear as day I stated on my blog please do NOT mention this to people that may know me out there..... you feel the need to go ahead and tell people, how does that make you a better person than me!!! Really!!!! And no I never confronted this person just can't believe you're suppose to be this Godly woman and you clearly didn't respect my request for NOT telling people outside of this blog. Ugh, hurts my feelings really BAD!!!

I'm really really really trying not to give a hoot about others opinions, but it still hurts; especially when you claim to be such a "Godly woman" isn't that gossip? What's the bible say about that, did you forget???

Any who, that's enough soapbox for one day!!

Happy Thursday Ladies!!

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  1. Hang in there!!!! Once your daughter gets here, everyone else and all their noise will go right out the window!