Thursday, March 29, 2012

22 Weeks

Wow, it's hard to believe that I'm at the end of 22 weeks.  I really should do these at the beginning of the weeks, it's just hard to remember to take a picture sometimes. hahaha

How Far Along? 22 weeks, 7 days....120 to go!

Size of my Angel? 11 in.....the size of a spaghetti squash

Maternity Clothes? All

Weight Gain?  I think I'm doing okay, but don't really know.

Stretch Marks? None thank you Lord, still lathering oil and cream once or twice a day...Praying that they'll stay away

Gender? Sweet baby GIRL.... Millie Ladell

Sleep? It's hard for me to get a good nights sleep, between the bathroom breaks and tossing and turning.  But I'm managing. 

Food Cravings? Mexican food, salsa, and anything sour

What I Miss Most? being able to sleep and not feeling fat

Symptoms? none, no more scares either PTL

Belly Button? It's starting to come out but I'm just praying it goes back.  Did anyone else's pop, did it go back?  Really curious on this. 

Best Moment of the Week? Can't really say, knowing that I'm doing whatever I can for my daughter, even though her Father is clearly not going to act right.  Just knowing I've made an effort makes me feel like I tried everything to give her the family I'd hope she'd have.

22 weeks, 7 days

Happy Thursday, Ladies!!! 

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