Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Online Shopping

So, as I was doing my daily blog readings this morning, one of which is The Seattle Smith's I really loved the yellow bag that she bought on Target's website. So, after clicking on the link and checking out the yellow bag, I stumbled on 2 others that were similar, but different colors that I just had to have as well.
the yellow tote

the black tote and the tan tote

Yes, I know, I clearly have a purse obsession, as do I with shoes as well. Hey, there are worse obsessions to have, don't you think? Thanks again, Kelsey at The Seattle Smith's for pointing these great bags out to me. I love Target and have several bags past and present from there.

Also, as I mentioned recently, I purchased a Sony laptop for my back-to-school adventure that I am about to start, I'm very excited but scared and nervous at the same time. I feel old to be going back to college, but it would be for a better/more usable degree, so that's definitely a plus. So, I've been looking for a laptop bag, that is stylish and cute and that I'd love to carry around a lot, since I do plan on having to carry my laptop around for working on school work a lot, even from my work office. I am currently on a BUDGET STRICT BUDGET, so I love some good deals.

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you found a hot item that was affordable too!

  2. Yes, I love them!! And you definitely can't beat affordable this day in age!!

  3. I am addicted to Coach, can get pricy... My sister in law makes totes, she is a pro at it a big quilter also,they are awesome.
    Love your site :)