Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday: School


So, yesterday on my way to work, after I had called and tried to shop the best price for Microsoft Office, I went to the school to buy it for my upcoming semester of Accounting, I walked in the the school bookstore, asked the lady for Microsoft Office word, excel, etc., and she sold me: Microsoft Professional NOT Microsoft Office, I thought it was weird so I asked her, "is this what I need for class, this has word, excel, power point, etc.?" She replied, "yes".... well I try to install it when I get home and notice IT"S NOT WHAT I NEED it's actually just Microsoft for your computer, no word, no excel, NOTHING I NEED!!!

Fast forward to this morning, I call the school, drive up there and they'll exchange it for Microsoft Office 2010, but not give me a refund for the difference. (I opened the package, no open packages can be exchanged or brought back). Did I mention the difference was: $100!!!! Yep, that's right, I'm out $1001!! Lesson learned: never listen to old ladies; trust your gut!!! I knew she was wrong, but I thought okay, I'm coming from working on Mac's previously only (at home) so I maybe wrong, she does this all day, so she must know!!! WRONG!!!!

Err, $100 later, I have Microsoft Office on my computer.

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