Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday!

Wow, it's Monday again, already? Although, I can't wait to see The Bachelorette season finale tonight, I can wait to be at work!!! I wish we had one more day to this weekend. I enjoyed doing pretty much nothing, although I did go to the movies this weekend. I saw Charlie St. Cloud. Anyone else seen it yet?
It was a sad movie, ladies, take some kleenexes with you. I did enjoy it but it was again, sad. The boy's came over and we had some fun this weekend, playing Wii, playing outside, and watching movies. I love my nephews and they have been great relief from the saddened heart break I've been feeling this last month after the end of what I thought was going to be my forever relationship after 4 years. Thanks to God and my family for helping me get through this tough time.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Monday!

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